Advanced Training

Class: Advancing with Behaviors
Where: Online and Saranac Lake Training Center When Restrictions are Lifted
When:  Saturdays at 9:30am – May 9th – May 30th
Duration: 4 Weeks
Cost: $95


Have you completed a basic training class and feel your dog needs a bit more training? In this class, we’ll build on the basic behaviors your dog has learned as well as address any “problem” behaviors you’d like.  We will also have time to address more advanced training techniques such as behavior chains and training for the three “d’s” (distraction, distance, and duration).  We can review the common behaviors you might need of your dog such as calming down in the crate or on a mat polite greetings, polite walking, focusing on you instead of strangers, the foundations for a solid recall, and anything else you need.

  • We do not expect class dogs to be at the same level or have the same background in learning.  We are happy to accommodate the differences.
  • We teach humans as well as dog with fully positive, encouraging methods.  The classes are designed to enjoyable as well as fun!
  • Our group classes are a commitment to your dog as well as the other participants in the class.

Prerequisite:  One of these:  Basic Manners, Precious Puppies, Private Lessons, or the equivalent class with another training organization