Calm & Confident After the Clicker

Both Benny & Flicka had difficult experiences with trailering before we adopted them. But, with consistent positive reinforcement training, both horses now consider the trailer a rewarding place to hang out!

We recently took both Benny and Flicka to a horse trail in the Adirondacks. They performed beyond our dreams! Time and time again, we see the results of force-free positive training. Not only are the animals excited to perform the behaviors we train, they are happier about life in general. We’d say the question changes from “uh-oh, what do I need to tolerate next?” to “I’m looking forward to seeing what’s around the next corner! Maybe there will be a new training session!” Novel situations create curiosity, not fear, in our positively trained animals.

You can see the results for yourself. Here are Benny & Flicka on a post clicker (yes, the clicker is only used to train behaviors) trip to an equine trail in the Adirondacks.