Canine Fitness

Class:  Canine Fitness I & II
Where:  Saranac Lake Training Center
When:  Arrange by appointment:  Classes will be held for 2 or more interested dog/handler teams!
Duration:  4 Weeks for each level
Cost:  $95


This is a class to help dogs (all ages) with coordination, balance, and building muscle in under used areas of their bodies.  It’s also a great class for helping dogs learn to interact with objects and develop strengths (or maintain strengths if they are elder dogs) so they can navigate running through the woods or even have fun on an agility field (while minimizing injuries).  By the end of the class, you’ll have a short routine of exercises to complete with your dog before hiking or any other form of more demanding exercise.

The class length is four weeks for each level.  Canine Fitness I is 4 weeks long and Canine Fitness II is 4 weeks long.

Prerequisites:  Previous training experience is needed – please contact us to make sure you qualify before registering.  Canine Fitness I (or equivalent) must be completed before taking Canine Fitness II.

**We also require a veterinarian’s approval for the class indicating your dog is in good physical health and will benefit from the class exercises .  Please contact us if you would like a recommendation for a veterinarian who is familiar with this class.**