Lesson Track Descriptions

These are different tracks you can choose for your private lessons. 

Or, if you’d prefer, we can create a track of your own!

Basic Manners

Basic Manners is a six lesson long class for anyone who would like an introduction to foundation skills.  We’ll teach you how to train clearly and cleanly with the use of a “clicker” marker signal.  This class is all about positive reinforcement and rewards.  With this approach, you will see your dog grow in his or her focus and confidence.

Dogs will be introduced to basic skills and learn how to learn through clicker training (or using “yes”).  This can be used as a first class or a refresher.

Dogs Learn:

  • Offering attention and focus
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Touch a Target (used for coming when called and greeting people nicely)
  • Impulse Control (leave it)
  • Settle on a Mat
  • Beginning Loose Leash walking
  • Stay

Humans Learn:

  • Dog Calming Signals
  • How and where to reward
  • How and when to increase criteria (ask the dog to do more or work harder)
  • Management strategies to use while training is taking place
  • Clicker training mechanics  (optional for clients who want to learn clicker training)

This track is appropriate for dogs 4 months or older who need to learn the basics.


We’ll help you provide your puppy with basic skills while also building and maintaining your puppy’s confidence.  You’ll learn how to help your puppy handle the human world including sights, sounds, and other experiences.

We highly recommend this class to help your puppy gain the confidence needed to be a fun companion.

There are certain experiences a puppy should have during this integral growth period in order to avoid future fears and sensitivities. We will guide you through these and help you find positive solutions for common behavior issues such as mouthing and jumping. We will also help you ensure your puppy is comfortable with being left alone for appropriate periods of time. As a guide, the book, “Puppy Start Right” will be included in the class.

This class is not just for beginner puppies but for any puppy under 17 weeks of age.

Consecutive, regular training is so important at this stage!

Your puppy will learn the basic manners behaviors at the level which suits his/her abilities.  Humans will also learn clicker training mechanics, how to recognize puppy calming signals, how and where to reward, and other training skills.