COVID-19 Plans

We are now authorized to open!

This means that we can teach outdoor lessons at either your house or our training center in Saranac Lake.  We do have an outdoor porch at the training center for rainy days.  We also have a fenced in yard (although it’s not built for escape artists).  Masks are required!

We can also have single family inside lessons at the training center in Saranac Lake.  Here are the steps we’ve taken:

  • We have a hand wash station at the center.
  • We ventilate with outside air if the temperature is appropriate, and, as of late September 2020, we have an air filter certified to clean the air every 12 minutes of viruses, bacteria, and allergens.
  • Everyone wears a mask whether outside or in the building.
  • We sanitize surfaces in between clients such as doorknobs and any equipment the client has touched.

We will continue to provide Zoom lessons also as we’ve discovered these remote lessons help dogs who are nervous at the training center or even in the presence of strangers.  For many clients, we may start with Zoom lessons and graduate to the outdoor, in – person lessons.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Protocol for Keeping Safe During Outside, In-Person Lessons:

In-Person Lessons:

  • In the training center, we will not have any shared equipment. So, please bring your dog toys and your own water bowls and water. We have plenty of chairs, so we’ll disinfect and rotate them out (a multi day retirement rotation) in between clients.
  • If you enter the training center, we have a hand wash station outside for you to use before and after your lesson.
  • Also, bring PLENTY of treats as it’s best we don’t share ours with you as a precaution!
  • If we need to handle your dog to help out, we have a dog tethering station so you can tie up your dog, move away, and we can approach your dog with our own leash and treats.  We’ll use our leash with your dog to avoid any shared equipment.
  • We disinfect shared surfaces between lessons for your and our safety.
  • Although we will all maintain a 6 foot distance (most likely 10 feet), we all are required to wear masks.  Both your comfort and feelings of safety are incredibly important to us!

Zoom Video Lessons:

We’ve switched to using video conferencing for lessons during the virus season — and we’re successfully using the application Zoom for these lessons.  If you’d signed up for private lessons, your Zoom session will be 60 minutes – the same length as a regular private lesson.

How this works (and why it’s working so well!):

  • Our training approach is hands off in general.  We tend to watch and coach you so you can learn how to train on your own.  So, with the Zoom lessons, we’ll do our usual combination of watching you, giving you steps for learning more, and we’ll have our own dogs available to do demonstrations if needed.
  • We’ll send you a link for the Zoom meeting and we’d like it if you can set up the camera so you can show us your work and we can offer live assistance.
  • If you can’t do the video conferencing, a second option is for you to send us a video (or more) of your work with your dog.  We can then set up a phone call with you to go over the video.  We’ll also most likely be able to send you the video back with a voice over explaining how it looks to us and what we recommend for progressions.  And, if you need a video to explain any concepts, we can take one with our dogs as demonstrations are easier than explanations!  We can send you information about how to transfer a video to us via a program called Dropbox.
  • Finally, if your home technology is only equipped for a phone call, we will be happy to speak with you about the training level you’re at and offer advice for the next steps!

And, for a little humor about Zoom lessons, see below……

We’re open for lessons from Wednesday – Saturdays so can work with you for a good time slot.

Best wishes and stay healthy,

Kinna, Gene, Laddie, and Britta, etc.

A Hands-Free Hitch for Your Dog
Gene on his first Zoom Lesson