Economic Alternatives

Because we need to teach only private lessons, we understand some cannot afford the full price of the packages.  So, to help anyone who is in this situation, we’ve developed a lesson package (applicable to those interested in Basic Manners and Precious Puppies) for these situations.


Basic Manners:  6 lessons for $185
Precious Puppies:  6 lessons for $185

Reactive Dogs:  It is quite difficult to change behavior in the shorter 30 minute lessons as most reactive behaviors are well practiced and complex.  Please contact us and we can work with you to find a good option for everyone!

The difference:

  • Classes are a combination of online and in-person (3 online via Zoom or via phone and 3 in-person).
  • Classes meet for 30 minutes instead of 60.
  • Classes must be completed in six weeks instead of two months.
  • No online support material and other materials can be picked up at the Training Center (or we can mail for an extra fee)
  • Less flexibility about re-scheduling – so it’s best to have the same time/day each week.

The same:

  • You’ll still receive the treat pouch, clickers, two training books, and our training booklet.  These can be picked up at the Training Center in Saranac Lake or mailed to you for an additional fee.
  • Lessons will still be private lessons (both online and in-person) with Kinna or Gene.


Please contact us if you are interested and we’ll set you up!