Gracious Greetings

Class:  Gracious Greetings
Where:  Saranac Lake Training Center
When:  Arrange by appointment:  Classes will be held for 2 or more interested dog/handler teams!
Duration:  4 Weeks
Cost:  $95


Would you like to help your dog greet others by keeping his or her four feet on the ground?  This is the class for you!  We’ll first establish a strong “default sit” for your dog and use the classroom for linking this default sit and attention to handler with meeting other people.  We will start with easy meetings (slow paced) and build to higher and higher levels of distraction.  Impulse control is key to this work, so we’ll use other exercises in order to increase your dog’s self control.

Class lasts four weeks.

Prerequisites:  Previous training experience is needed – please contact us to make sure you qualify before registering.