Online Off Leash Recall Class


Via Video Conferencing and the Learning Website


6 Weeks



Achieving a reliable recall is possible.  But for many dogs, it also is probably one of the hardest behaviors to learn.  This is why we developed a class with multiple steps each dog can learn on the path to a reliable recall.
You’ll start with basic training such as “touch the target” to help the dog enjoy coming towards you – as well as have something fun to do once at your side.  Then, we’ll build on this behavior as well as add an “attention to me” cue.  Finally, once your dog thoroughly understands the concept of coming towards you and truly enjoys this opportunity, we’ll increase your dog’s drive to come towards you by incorporating chase me games and toys.
If you’re ever at a level where you feel ready to move on, you’re welcome to go to the next lesson.  The course has 9 lessons that we’ll squeeze into 6 weekly sessions so there’s plenty of opportunity to go at your own pace!

How to Get the Most from the Off Leash Recall Course:

Work through the lessons methodically and take your time. You’ll first be developing a recall behavior, then adding a “sacred” cue (one that you’ll only use when you know your dog will come to you). Your clicker training skills will only improve with all this practice and knowledge!
The lessons in this course are password protected so if you’ve forgotten your password, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Prerequisites:  Your dog should have basic training and it helps to have an understanding of “touch the target” and “stay/sit/lie down” if possible.  Please contact us if you’d like to prepare your dog for this class and we can help you!