Seminar Topics:  Understanding Calming Signals in Puppies and Dogs (Levels I and II), Understanding the Reactive Dog
Where: Saranac Lake Training Center
When: By Arrangement – Seminars will be held for 2 or more interested humans
Duration: 2 Hours
Cost: $30 (one free seminar for Private Lesson Package Clients)


Calming Signals Seminar I: Your dog is always communicating with you – do you understand the signals she’s displaying? Join us for a fascinating presentation and discussion about common and often misunderstood canine communication signals. We’ll show excerpts of Turid Rugaas’ DVD, “Calming Signals: What Your Dog Tells You.” Then, we’ll show some videos of dogs to see if you can recognize what the dogs are “saying” to us and the others around them.

You’ll learn the early warning signals that show stress, so you can help your dog before she feels forced to escalate any communication. You might even find yourself being your dog’s advocate because you become so much more tuned into his needs.

Calming Signals Seminar II:  We’ll look at excerpts from Turid Rugaas’ DVD “The Wee Signs of Dogs” to learn even more about canine communication signals – especially the ones where dogs are talking to us specifically! We’ll also expand the conversation to include a discussion of how we can inadvertently increase our dog’s stress — and how we can help them lower their stress by encouraging natural stress releasing behaviors such as chewing and sniffing/exploring. We’ll pull from lectures by Amber Batson – an expert in veterinary behavior out of the UK and also from studies looking at the pulse rates of dogs in various situations.

Reactivity Seminar:  Reactivity can come in many forms — and it’s probably better to look at this seminar as addressing the “over-reactive” dog. We’ll address excessive shyness, nervousness, or fear. And, we’ll look at the different ways a dog handles these feelings – such as trying to run away, hide, or even feeling he/she needs to chase or scare the “trigger” away.

We’ll look at the current research addressing causes of reactivity (pulling from the work of Amber Batson – a veterinary behaviorist in the UK), and some simple steps we humans can take to lower the stress level in our dogs. You’ll learn about stress chemicals in your dog’s body, adrenaline stacking, and the importance of weakening and strengthening neural pathways.

You’ll see some excerpts from Turid Rugaas’s DVDs about dog calming/communication signals – so you can better understand when your dog’s stress level is increasing. And, we’ll give you some tips to help you know when your dog is “over-threshold” and how to gently remove your dog from a situation so they feel safe.

We feel every dog caregiver will benefit from this seminar and encourage you to attend, even if your dog is not displaying excessive emotional reactions to triggers (such as noise, visual, and even tactile events).


These are all human only seminars.