Calm & Confident Training

Calm & Confident is a specific approach to training designed to help over reactive animals.  Kinna & Gene developed this method based on the work of Emma Parsons (Click to Calm), Turid Rugaas (author of On Talking Terms with Dogs), and veterinary behaviorists such as Amber Batson in the UK.

The method works well with most animals and with most levels of reactivity — from nervousness to intense fear.

Both Kinna and Gene completed their training certification program with Emma Parsons, so have a strong professional relationship with her.  Kinna personally met Turid Rugaas in Norway and was invited by Turid to spend two days observing Turid’s reactive dog research project.  Kinna also attended a presentation on Reactive Dogs by Amber Batson during that trip (in 2018).

Both Kinna and Gene have applied their Calm & Confident program successfully to help dogs who have been reactive to people, dogs, household or environmental noises, or other disturbing stimuli.  They’ve also applied the program to situations with nervous and/or reactive horses – and more recently, with a cat who displayed reactivity towards people.

For private lesson and in home training programs, you can follow this link:  Private Lessons & Home Training

Below is one of the more popular packages (we also have a two month package available!):

Three Month Calm & Confident Training Package: $450 – $495 plus applicable travel rates

Base rate is $55/hour.  Rate varies according to where you take the lesson.   We offer a discount if you take the private lessons at our training center in Saranac Lake.  Depending upon where you live, this could save you $5 to $15/lesson.  Please contact us for more details! 

You’ll receive nine 1 hour lessons to be completed within three months.  We highly encourage weekly lessons for the best learning results with your dog – but this package offers flexibility.

This package goes beyond the basic training (please see list of potential behaviors above) and provides training for over-reactive animals.  You’ll learn how to train using a method called “Calm & Confident“.  The goal of the program is for your animal to choose (his/her choice – this is a very important aspect of the program!) to look at you and stay emotionally calm despite the presence of other animals, people, sounds, or sights which might have been disturbing in the past.

Package Includes:

  • The first lesson will be in the form of a consultation at the Saranac Lake Training Center – if for any reason you can’t come to the center (very highly recommended), please let us know!
  • Your own Terry Ryan Clicker Training Treat Bag
  • Clickers, study handouts, the online Clicker Training Basics, and the online Private Lesson Supportive Materialsboth with multiple lessons!
  • Email/phone support in between lessons
  • Two hours of free support via email or phone after your lessons are completed – this is only good for one month after your last lesson so take advantage of it.  We want to make sure you transition to training on your own without any problems!

The lessons should be held weekly as your dog will only improve if you practice regularly. BUT, we do understand it’s hard to find time, so we encourage you to keep up your lessons even if you don’t have much time to practice.  We’ve found that staying with your weekly scheduled lesson is much more important.  We recommend at least one lesson/week for best results! **

Single Additional Private Lesson once the Introductory Package is complete:

Each lesson is $55 or we offer a discounted rate of $50/hour if you purchase 3 or more lessons at a time.

**For best results, we recommend scheduling package lessons at least once or twice/week.**