Private Lessons & Home Training

We’re still offering private lessons via video conferencing and we’ve added outside lessons for individual clients at our training center in Saranac Lake or at your home.  We also can teach inside at the training center with one client/family at a time.

**See here for specifics:  COVID 19 Plans.**

Private Lessons

Laddie loves his “paw” behavior which also serves to help him focus on Kinna.

We offer professional private lessons for clients in our service area.

We recommend private lessons for people who’d like to learn the art of training with a clicker. Our goal is to provide you with the skills necessary to become a positive reinforcement trainer yourself.

We will be your guides as you understand a fun, entirely positive way of interacting and training your animal – we look forward to to working with you!

Our base rate is $65/hour for an hour lesson.

Please see below for our packages!

Additional Travel Rate = $5-20/lesson (depending upon your location)

You are more than welcome to meet us at our Saranac Lake training center for private lessons – and avoid the fee!

*By the way, if you’re looking for some dog socialization during your private lessons, we have our own dogs to help out.  We can usually start introducing them by the third lesson (after you’ve learned the basic clicker mechanical skills and taught your dog a few behaviors).*

Private Lesson Packages

Six Hour/Two Month Basic Training Package:

  • We have a puppy track, adolescent track, or adult dog track.  We also make adjustments to our training approach if your animal is a rescue.
  • You’ll receive six 60 minute lessons to be completed within two months.  We highly encourage weekly lessons for the best learning results with your dog – but this package offers a flexibility.
  • Lessons are held at our training center in Saranac Lake, via Zoom, or outside of your house (for an extra fee).
  • Additional information about puppies:  Puppy Training at Mountain Hooves & Paws
  • This training package focuses on helping you acquire basic training skills to teach your animal to focus on you and learn potential behaviors such as:
    • stay
    • touch a target
    • sit
    • settle on a mat
    • polite walking
    • beginning recall
    • and/or other behaviors as determined by you and your animal

Price:  $360 for 6 lessons

Nine Hour/Three Month Calm & Confident Training Package for Reactive Dogs

  • You’ll receive nine 1 hour lessons to be completed within three months.  We highly encourage weekly lessons for the best learning results with your dog – but this package offers flexibility.  These lessons can be held at your house and/or at our training center in Saranac Lake.
  • This package goes beyond the basic training (please see list of potential behaviors above) and provides training for over-reactive animals.  You’ll learn how to train using a method called “Calm & Confident“.  The goal of the program is for your animal to choose (his/her choice – this is a very important aspect of the program!) to look at you and stay emotionally calm despite the presence of other animals, people, sounds, or sights which might have been disturbing in the past.
  • For more information, please visit:  Calm & Confident for Reactive Dogs

Price:  $480 for 9 lessons

Both packages include:

  • The first lesson will be in the form of a consultation at the Saranac Lake Training Center – if for any reason you can’t come to the center (very highly recommended), please let us know!
  • Your own Terry Ryan Clicker Training Treat Bag
  • Clickers, study handouts, the online Clicker Training Basics, and the online Private Lesson Supportive Materialsboth with multiple lessons!
  • Email/phone support in between lessons
  • Two hours of free support via email or phone after your lessons are completed – this is only good for one month after your last lesson so take advantage of it.  We want to make sure you transition to training on your own without any problems!

The lessons should be held weekly as your dog will only improve if you practice regularly. BUT, we do understand it’s hard to find time, so we encourage you to keep up your lessons even if you don’t have much time to practice.  We’ve found that staying with your weekly scheduled lesson is much more important.  We recommend at least one lesson/week for best results!

Our In-Home Training Program (please contact us for alternatives during the pandemic – such as drop off dog training)

We know not all of you want to be animal trainers – and that’s okay!

If this is true, we highly recommend you take advantage of our “Home Training” program.  We will do the training for you – and all we ask is you meet with us to learn how to maintain the behaviors we train your animal in an all positive way.

How does the program work?

  • We will train your dog for a minimum of 12 sessions over 4 weeks (or more if needed for challenging behavior issues).  This means we will be training your dog for three hours every week!
  • During the pandemic, we will do this at our Training Center in Saranac Lake, so you’ll need to drop off your dog.  Pickup and drop off can be arranged for an additional fee.
  • Once a week, we will ask you to join us for the training session or via Zoom so you can learn what your animal has learned – specifically the cues (what the behavior is called) and the criteria (what the behavior looks like).  We’ll show you how to keep your animal excited about performing these behaviors and how to keep your expectations at your animal’s level.
  • You’ll receive a Terry Ryan Clicker Training Treat Bag
  • We also supply a new client package with materials to support the weekly joint lessons with your animal, as well as email/phone support in between lessons.
  • We will provide the treats – just let us know if your animal has any allergies.

Price:  $640 for 12 lessons


We only use positive reinforcement training as specified by the Karen Pryor Clicker Training certification program. This means we will never use force, punishment, negative pressure (physically or verbally) in any part of our training with your animals. Instead, we focus entirely on the behaviors we’d like to see your animal accomplish, help them understand how to perform them, and provide them with lots of positive incentive. We find the animals love this approach as much as we do!